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Your Fetish Session

When booking your Fetish Session, it’s important to be clear about the fetish you’re interested in so we ensure the attendant you wish to see provides this service. It’s equally important to us that you have a great time, and that the Fetish Fantasy attendant you book with is ready to fulfill your fantasy.

Some people are just born different, their psyche hardwired with urges, limits and abilities that the average person will never feel or attain.

The Players of the Fetish Fantasy Studios consist of a small number of like minded women who wanted to establish a clean, well equipped, secure place where they could share their passion and skill, and those who appreciate the genuine article could come to experience it.

Some want to play, some are able to play, some even get good at it, our difference is that we choose to put everything else aside and devote ourselves full time to the BDSM erotic studio so we could be the very best at what we love

All services are YMMV.